Creative Photographer 

of the Year 2019

Wow. Where can I even start??


Even to be nominated in a category in the Creative Oceanic Northern Ireland Wedding Awards is an honour. Especially with such amazing nominees! To be publicly voted to be nominated in the creative photographer of the year award was just amazing, exciting and filled me full of pride! But then to go on and win?! WOW! #speechless!


I was not prepared to give a speech, but I will say this now.


Thank you.


To each and every single one of my past, present and future brides and grooms! Without you none of this would be possible, for taking a chance on me to create your wedding photos, for allowing me to be creative and for letting me be my unique, weird, eccentric self on your big day! I try to push myself with each wedding I do! And I think it is working!

A special mention to my very first bride and groom Deirdre and Michael, you guys had to take a giant leap of faith on me, with no previous wedding portfolio! You were the couple who helped me start this crazy adventure and for that I am forever grateful, you have given me my lifetime career to love!


To everyone who voted for me to be nominated, THANK YOU! It’s because of you I had a chance to win!! ❤️ 


To my family, mum, dad, brothers, sisters and Williams family, who support me throughout everything and stand by me and help me through the toughest of times (most of which you all don’t see but they do!) THANK YOU ALL!


And to my William. You pushed me to believe in myself when I was at my most broken, you pushed me to Persue what I love, you gave me the courage to take the leap and go for my dreams and you continue to stand by my every move. I love you more than you know. ❤️


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